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Welcome to my Web Site

Hello, I am Mike and welcome to my space on the web. - I used to live in a little village called Alva, which is near Stirling in Scotland, until 1958, when my move to South Devon occurred due to me joining the Royal Corps of Signals as a 'Junior Leader', with my first posting to Denbury Camp near Newton Abbot (see the link 'RS Junior Leaders' on the right). - My fondness of Devon with its wonderful weather ensured that I moved back there when I left the forces.

I first met my wife Sheila in 1961, and we were subsequently married until she sadly passed away after a short illness on the 22nd of February 2011. Eventually I decided to give up my home and good amateur station to move to Germany where I previously spent 14 happy years of my life. so with the exception of some 7 months I have been living in Kaiserslautern since October 2012.

Largely due to my training in the Royal Corps of Signals I have always had a keen interest in Radio Communication, but due to family and work commitments it wasn't until 1983 that I found time to sit the City & Guilds R.A.E. (Radio Amateur Examination) at Exeter College. Subsequently received G1FON as my call-sign. Of course, with my move to Germany I applied for a German Call sign and received DL7MV which I am using now.

But back to the past.... In 1984 I joined the Torbay Amateur Radio Society, and I have been an active member over the years, which includes holding the positions of Chairman and Secretary in the past. - One of the good things of belonging to the Society is that you meet lots of like-minded people who when put together have an abundant amount of knowledge which can help you to solve not only amateur radio related problems but anything you care to mention. Most important of all, you are likely to forge friendships which due to the hobby will last a lifetime. - Over the years I have pursued many facets of this great hobby, from various modes of communication, like SSB, CW, various DATA modes, to chasing DXCC, WAB and IOTA on the VHF, UHF, LF and HF bands. There is so much to do, that you never have time to do it all. If you are reading this and you aren't a Radio Ham, why not? I can't think of any other hobby which will give you so much, and to top it all, it is ageless, it doesn't matter how old or young you are, you can always enjoy the hobby of Amateur Radio!

If you are still reading this, just let me say that most of my Web pages revolve around my time in England, as I lived most of my life there, but no doubt in time there will be more information about the lovely area I live in at present, which is in the South West of Germany, in Rheinland-Pfalz at the edge of the Pfälzerwald, the town dates back to the 9th Century. - To give you an idea of the location it is about 73 miles from Frankfurt (am Main), 99 miles from Luxembourg and 285 miles from Paris.

Anyway, back to sunny Devon in England. Here comes the advert for the old market town of Newton Abbot, which was once well known as a Railway Centre, but is now better known for its Racecourse. A possible reason why Newton Abbot is so popular is not only that it lies at the edge of the English Riviera, but that it is also centrally located to the sea and Dartmoor. It will only take you about 15 minutes to get to the nearest seaside, and should your preference lie in the ruggedness of the moor, Dartmoor is also only 15 minutes away in the opposite direction. - Newton Abbot is near the towns and cities of Exeter, Plymouth, Teignmouth, Totnes, Torquay and Paignton, so if you wish to shop 'til you drop, you can't go far wrong by living in Newton Abbot. If you are interested in the history of Newton Abbot, click here.

Should you be a lover of nature and the countryside, once again Newton Abbot is the place for you. As I said before, there is Dartmoor which isn't only famous for it prison, but also for its mention in some Sherlock Holmes adventures, with its unsurpassed rugged beauty and seasonal changes which are quite astounding. - Stover Country Park which is situated on the outskirts of Newton Abbot will be attractive to you whether you are a Twitcher or just like an enjoyable walk along the lake or heath land. At the opposite side of Newton Abbot there is Decoy Park with its lake and tranquil walks. Another interesting place to visit is Plant World, which is a marvellous place to spend some time to look at the plants of the world, and if you feel so inclined, you can even buy the seed to grow the plants yourself.

Besides Amateur Radio, one of my hobbies for the past few years has been taking photographs, although you may notice that there is plenty of room for improvement. All the same, I thought I would put some of them on this web site and give you a chance to see my view of this lovely county. You never know, it may entice you to come and see South Devon for yourself. So just use the links above right to view my photographs (if you are a regular visitor, you will know that the latest photographs are always at the front of each album), or click on any of the links below, which lead to local websites so you can find out more about South Devon.

Stover Country Park       Dartmoor National Park          South Devon       Plant World       Kaiserslautern


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