This Page requires updating, with my move to Germany I have not been able to set up a station which is as efficient as the station I had in England. Once I have got a reasonable station again, I will update this page.

My set-up:


My main rig for all HF frequencies is the Yaesu FT-2000. This is a fairly new addition, replacing the older FT-1000MP which I was using before. Although the 1000MP is a very good rig, I thought the FT-2000 would be a prudent update, as there is only one other rig I would prefer to this one, but the price is a bit prohibitive as far as my Bank Manager is concerned.



My spare rig is the Yaesu FT-847 which is also capable of 4 meters. Although maximum power is only 10W on 4m, it does allow the chance of a few contacts during the summer months. This rig is usually used with the supplied fist-mike due to the fan noise, but at times I may use an Adonis AM508E desk microphone with a two stage compressor.



The MFJ-962D ATU which has an AirCore Roller Inductor is rated up to 800W PEP SSB O/P (I should be so lucky) is usually used in the 'through or direct' position as my antennas are resonant on the bands I am usually working on, but if a fault does occur it is very handy to be able to make use of this tuner.



The Ameritron AL-811 Amplifier is used very rarely indeed, as a little patience while using 100 Watts is far more rewarding than QRO. Even during these 'flat' times it is still possible to work every country eventually, and I think that a reasonable resonant antenna is far more important than an amplifier.



One of the antennas mostly used for HF is the MQ-26SR, which is a 'miniature' six band Hybrid Quad antenna, which makes it very easy to switch from band to band. It is mounted on a 35 foot wind-up mast. Please see fuller details by clicking on the 'MQ-26SR' tab located above on the right hand side. My favourite type of antenna is a quad, and whenever possible that type of antenna is used.

For 40, 80 and 160 meters I use a loaded dipole which runs down the eaves of my bungalow and shoots off across the front and back garden, sometimes being no more that 2 meters above the ground. Theory tells me that this isn't very efficient, and indeed it isn't, but I have managed a distance of 6517 Kilometers with this wire antenna (however, I was very reliant on the other stations better set-up).

Although most stations now favour the LF bands, room is of a premium, so I still concentrate on HF.






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